RED Cinema Camera FPV Racing Drone
Let’s face it, even the best consumer drones equipped with cameras aren’t quite up to Hollywood standards. How can one improve upon this? Strap a RED cinema camera onto a 100MPH FPV (First-Person View) racing drone of course. That’s exactly what the guys over at Potato Jet did, and the results are crazy to say the least. However, these racing drones are far more difficult to master than standard ones, mainly due to their power to weight ratio. Read more to see the chaos that ensued.

Put simply, racing drones are designed for speed, as opposed to a photography/video drone which is focused more on hovering. The latter will typically have four motors configured in an X-pattern, all equally spaced apart. A racing drone normally sports four motors configured in an H-pattern capable of thrusting the drone forward, not up. Since they are extremely light weight and their electric motors pack large amounts of torque, racing drones can accelerate as well as maneuver with great speed and agility.

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