Fried Bacon Seaweed

Bacon lovers rejoice! Researchers at Oregon State University have created a new type of seaweed that tastes just like fried bacon. Not even kidding. The strain is based on a type of dulse – a common sea vegetable popular in Asian cooking for its high protein content. This red marine algae is not only fast-growing, but super nutritious as well, packed with up to 16% protein by dry weight as well as being an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Continue reading for another picture of the seaweed and more information.

Seaweed Fried Bacon

“The strain was initially developed in an effort to find a more efficient way to feed abalone, which is a treasured delicacy in Asia. That worked; the dulse-fed abalone grow at a faster rate and are of the high quality sought after in top seafood markets. Still, Langdon says there was always an interest in growing this type of seaweed for human consumption as well. The dulse variety that Langdon and his team cultivated can be grown in offshore farms, which Toombs recognized as ‘a potential for a new industry for Oregon,'” reports Inhabitat.

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