Robert Pattinson Batmobile The Batman Up-Close Look
Warner Bros. showcased one of the four Batmobiles used during the filming of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” movie at the London premier, and Car Throttle got the chance to look at the vehicle up-close. This vehicle was reportedly based on the muscle cars from the 1950s – 1960s, powered by a custom exposed V8 engine that generates around 650 horsepower, thanks to a twin-turbocharger system.

The Batmobile you see above was reportedly used for the driving scenes, but another example is actually built on top of a Tesla chassis and powertrain. Why? They needed one vehicle to be near silent during their night shoots or when indoors, so the massive V8 engine that you see in those scenes are just for show. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to catch “The Batman” in theaters stateside on March 3rd.

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