Blue Planet II Airbnb

The exploration vessel Alucia made the groundbreaking filming Blue Planet II possible, as it was a temporary home for scientists, marine biologists and filmmakers. Now, Ocean X, the company that owns Alucia, are offering three people a two-night stay, along with a chance to travel up to 1000m beneath the sea in the submersible found on the boat. Entrants must explain to Airbnb what their ideal deep-sea adventure is and what they dream of discovering. Continue reading for more interesting images from around the web.

15. Backcountry Cabin

Backcountry Cabin

14. Batmobile Caravan

Batmobile Caravan

13. St. John’s Bridge in Portland, OR

St. John's Bridge

12. Toronto at Night

Toronto at Night

11. Titanic First Class Passenger Menu

Titanic First Class

10. Cell in Swedish Prison

Swedish Prison Cell

9. Daft Punk Performing Without the Helmets in the 1990s

Daft Punk Unmasked

8. Mount Hua Cable Cars in China

Mount Hua China

7. Tourists Atop the Pyramid of Cheops at Sunset in Cairo c.1920

Pyramid of Cheops

6. Curiosity Rover Selfie from Mars

Curiosity Rover Selfie

5. Tree Within a Tree


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2. Simple Art

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