Samsung Bot Chef
Photo credit: Samsung
Samsung’s Bot Chef is basically an AI-powered service robot that assists chefs as they whip up gourmet dishes. It’s designed to be easy to use and highly versatile, with a sleek exterior that hides its advanced mechatronics. Optimized for kitchen use, it’s capable of a wide range of kitchen tasks, whether it be chopping, whisking, pouring or even cleaning. The chef is based on SARAM, Samsung’s multi-purpose programmable robotic platform, the lightweight robotic manipulator arm has six degrees of freedom, with the diameter, reach and safety of a human arm. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Samsung’s multi-purpose programmable robotic platform allows it to perform with a payload just enough to lift common, everyday kitchen items, thus making it ideal for homes as well as small businesses. Thanks to advanced internal and external sensors, along with AI-based planning algorithms, the Bot Chef works alongside a person safely, even when they get in each other’s way.

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Users can interact with the robotic arm using simple and intuitive voice commands, while the underlying AI and machine-learning skills platform allows them to easily program tasks to perform using voice control, physical manipulation as well as app-based controls, thereby creating new “skills”. You can also download, customize and share new skills as part of the online ecosystem, providing endless possibilities in the kitchen. For example, to stir a pot of soup, a user can download the “stirring” skill from the skills ecosystem. Since Bot Chef can autonomously understand the location of objects, the user can tell it where to find the spoon, and which pot to stir.