Samsung PenMaster Tablet

Before the Galaxy tablets of today, there was the $5,000 Samsung PenMaster from 1992. The device featured a sleek case, or at least for that time, and was based around an Intel i386SL CPU processor. One other interesting fact is that a re-bodied version was sold as the GRiDPad SL. It ran Microsoft’s newly released Windows for Pen Computing operating system, while the touchscreen relies on a chipset by Wacom, paired with a battery-powered pen. Read More of two more in-action videos and additional information.

“The Samsung PenMaster I’ve been playing with has a 60 MB HDD, 4 MB of RAM and a 386/20 processor. There is a built in modem, a parallel port, one serial port, an FDD port, VGA out, a PS/2 keyboard input and a PC Card slot. The unit has a Phoenix BIOS and runs MS-DOS 5 and Windows for Pen Computing version 1. The first problem with getting the unit running was a lack of power supply. The DC in required is 17.5V and 1.5A,” said Retrocosm, creator of the videos above.


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