Savage Bobber Plane

For those who love tuning motorcycles and / or cars, the Savage Bobber is plane you’ll probably want to check out. This light aircraft can be customized any way you want, such as changing the engine color / open fuselage, type of luggage holder, seat styles, propeller designs, engine modifications, instrument panels, and lots more. Best of all, each one includes 10-hours of ground school plus 5-hours of flight training with the company’s factory trained CFIs. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“Due to the tandem seating and open cockpit, the Bobber provides unsurpassed visibility, making it an ideal platform for anti-poaching patrols, game counts and aerial surveillance. The Bobber, as with most of the range of Savage aircraft, comes standard with a 80 HP Rotax 912UL with the option to upgrade to the 912 ULS 100Hp Rotax,” according to Flying Frontiers.

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