Sea-Thru Algorithm Remove Water Underwater Image
Photo credit: Louis B
With summer gradually winding down, there’s no better time to take another look at Sea-Thru, a vision algorithm that seemingly removes the water from underwater images. Let’s face it, professional underwater photography is a very expensive and challenging task, but even with the best cameras, you still get a blue-green tint from the water, that is unless…you’re using Sea-Thru. Read more for two videos showing the algorithm from researchers at the University of Haifa.

Unlike other AI-powered algorithms, this one not only removes the blue-green tint, but also the visual distortion caused when light travels underwater, thus accurately correcting both the colors as well as the physical aspects of the images. How does it work? Well, the algorithm uses RGB-D images that measures the depth between the camera and the object. This depth map is later then combined with the raw image to reveal its true colors by calculating the attenuation of each wavelength of light.

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What I like about this approach is that it’s really about obtaining true colors. Getting true color could really help us get a lot more worth out of our current data sets,” said Pim Bongaerts, a coral biologist at the California Academy of Sciences.