Second-Generation Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle AWV
The second-generation Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) builds upon its predecessor and adds a suite of sensors to operate autonomously, including GPS for location, radar + LiDAR for obstacle detection as well as stereoscopic (3D) cameras for remote monitoring. When necessary, the vehicle also can be operated from a remote location by a human. Black & Veatch, a global construction company, teamed up with the company to test Honda AWV technology at an active construction site. Read more for a video and additional information.

Its main task at the solar energy construction site was to first generate a high-definition map of the 1,000-acre section that enables Black & Veatch operators to precisely set start and stop points for multiple Honda AWVs using a cloud-based app interface that runs on tablets as well as PCs. Honda AWVs were then used to transport materials and supplies along a calculated route, while also proving it was capable of stopping within centimeters of the preset points. Each vehicle carried payloads of nearly 900 pounds, and even towed a trailer carrying over 1,600 pounds.

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With our test partner, Black & Veatch, Honda was able to demonstrate the performance of our rugged all-electric Autonomous Work Vehicle prototype in a large-scale construction environment. We believe the Honda AWV has the potential to bring greater efficiencies, higher levels of safety and better environmental performance to the construction industry, and to other industries seeking an autonomous off-road solution,” said Kenton Williams, U.S. project lead for the Honda AWV.

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