Shazam Grammy Awards Apple Music
There’s an “Apple Music special offer” for Shazam users who interact with the app during tonight’s Grammy Awards. By simply using the app during the event, you’ll get a full timeline of music from the show as well as see a rundown of songs in real-time as they are performed. Best of all, new subscribers to Apple Music who use Shazam during The Grammys will get an extended four month free trial. Read more for a video explaining exactly how the service works and for additional information on the special offer.

“Viewers at home can also Shazam the Grammy Awards at any point during the broadcast to identify songs from the awards show and unlock a special offer from Apple Music.

To do this, open the Shazam app, tap to listen, and get a custom Grammy Awards experience highlighting any song being performed in real time – plus a full timeline of music from the night.

The Apple Music special offer will also be featured in the experience and allow new subscribers to sign up and receive four months free,” said Apple.