Windows 95 Electron

Software developer Felix Rieseberg has created a version Windows 95 that could run on a number of different platforms, thanks to a framework called Electron – a framework for running cross-platform applications and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build apps – complete with a web browser, sound support and more. The app boasts 500MB of free disk space, Microsoft FrontPage for creating websites and a few popular games, like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Grand Prix Circuit. Read more for another video and the download link.

“There’s no Internet Explorer but it does come with Netscape 2.0 which is era-appropriate for Windows 95. There’s also a Reset button now – an essential on computers from that time and the update from the initial release also supports sound. In short, Rieseberg has create a time machine,” according to Life Hacker. Download it here.

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