iPhone 8 Concept

We may be just months away from seeing the official iPhone 8, but this concept by I by Thadeu Brandao does get your imagination flowing. Looking very similar to the iPhone 7 from some angles, that is, until you look in front, where it sports a bezel-less OLED display, while the earpiece was relocated to the top of the phone. What’s really striking is the Home button has been removed in favor of a MacBook Pro-like TouchBar. Continue reading for a video of another concept, and more information.

“How I’m guessing Thadeu’s iPhone 8 concept would work, or at least how I’d like it to work, is the home button would be single tappable when you’re in an app and that would do something contextual in that app. Like the camera shutter button, for instance. Or play / pause. If you click the button it would still go home, though,” reports The Verge.

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