Snapchat Snap AR Lenses Ray Tracing
Snapchat has just launched Snap AR Lens Studio for developers to create lenses with ray tracing. Ray Tracing is essentially a technical capability that enhances the realism of augmented reality experiences by modeling light transport on objects, whether it be rendering algorithms or just generating digital images.

There are now Snapchat Lenses that feature AR diamond jewelry, clothing and lots more, complete with ultra-realism. The first band to create one of these new Lenses is Tiffany & Co with their Tiffany Lock Lens, which lets you to try-on various Tiffany Lock bracelets using AR, and if ready, purchase them without ever leaving the app, Interested in creating augmented reality lenses with ray tracing for Snapchat? Download Lens Studio here now.

Tiffany & Co is the first brand to leverage Ray Tracing on Snapchat with their new Tiffany Lock Lens. This Lens allows you to try-on Tiffany Lock bracelets using AR, and when you’re ready, purchase without leaving the app. The Lens is available globally to Snapchatters on iOS and Android,” said Snapchat in a press release.


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