Sony PlayStation Classic Deal

Sony’s PlayStation Classic may not be the best miniature console right out of the box, but can be quickly modified to play over 50 games, and it’s being offered for just $69.95 shipped, originally $99.95. This game adding / modification solution also has the advantage of being designed to run natively off a USB drive, so you’ll be able to keep the original software that came with the PlayStation Classic. To start, you’ll need the console itself, a 4GB+ pen drive titled “SONY” that’s formatted either as FAT32 or EXT4, a Windows / OS X / or Linux computer, BIN / CUE files for the PlayStation 1 games you want to play, and then PNG images (226×226 resolution to avoid stretching) of the box art. Product page. Read more for another video showing how to mod the console.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, download the BleemSync ZIP file, copy the extracted contents of the ZIP file to the pen drive, browse over to the BleemSync directory on your computer to open a command prompt / terminal window, add titles to the “games” directory, run the BleemSync executable from the command prompt, plug the pen drive into your PlayStation Classic, and you’re ready to game. More information.