Sony PlayStation Vita Discontinued

Photo credit: Stuff
Sony’s PlayStation Vita has officially been discontinued, and for those who don’t know, it was the successor to the PlayStation Portable and first in Japan on December 17, 2011, with releases in North America, Europe, and other worldwide regions starting on February 22, 2012. As of today, production has ended on the last two SKUs, or to be more specific, the PS Vita 2000 series. These two models boast the same features as the original, but with a slightly smaller form factor, extended battery life, and an LCD screen replacing the OLED display. Read more for a video showing why you should still pick one up in 2019.

Sony hasn’t released exact sales figures, but late-lifespan estimates in sales fall between 15-16 million units. In the platform’s later years, the company also promoted its ability to work in conjunction with its other gaming products, notably the ability to stream PlayStation 4 games through Remote Play, similar to the Wii U’s function of Off-TV Play. Production of the system ended on March 1, 2019, while its physical cartridge games are scheduled to end production by March 31, 2019.