SpinLaunch Kinetic Energy Spacecraft Launch System
Unlike other launch systems, the SpinLaunch propels spacecraft into orbit by using a large, vacuum-sealed centrifuge and a hypersonic tether to essentially spin them at up to 5,000 miles per hour to escape the atmosphere. At 165-feet-tall, the one-third scale SpinLaunch suborbital accelerator recently completed its first successful test at Spaceport America, accelerating a 10-foot projectile to high speed and then releasing it in less than a millisecond. Read more for a video and additional information.

The company’s first suborbital flight only harnessed approximately 20% of the accelerator’s full power capacity for the launch, and reached a test altitude in the tens of thousands of feet. SpinLaunch also plans to add a rocket engine and other internal systems in later suborbital test flights to collect data, despite this first vehicle not having them.

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SpinLaunch Kinetic Energy Spacecraft Launch System

Our team at SpinLaunch greatly appreciates the continued support of this formidable syndicate of investors, who share our vision of enabling low-cost and frequent launch of imaging and communications constellations that will protect our planet and humanity. It’s a radically different way to accelerate projectiles and launch vehicles to hypersonic speeds using a ground-based system,” said Jonathan Yaney, Founder and CEO of SpinLaunch, Inc.