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The vacuum of space does not let sound travel between two objects like they would on Earth, but scientists have managed to interpret the signals emitted by the cosmos. University of Wisconsin-Madison astronomers have isolated a special type of resonance caused by blinking stars, or in other words, these ‘vibrations’ are fluctuations in temperature and brightness on the surface of a star picked up by powerful telescopes. Through computer simulations, they’re able to recreate the sound made by stars. Read more for a video and additional information.

“But at incredible frequencies in the range of minutes to days, astronomers need to speed up the vibrations by up to a million times for the human ear to hear. As a result, the stellar vibrations are being referred to as ‘starquakes’ and the new field of study has been dubbed ‘astroseismology’. Astronomers hope the discovery can better help understand the composition and structure of stars,” reports