Star Trek Picard
Patrick Stewart introduced the first trailer for Star Trek: Picard at San Diego Comic-Con today, and fans attending were able to preview the series before the internet. The trailer opens with Picard in the vineyard where he opens some doors and looks at his old belongings. We find out that Data sacrificed his life for Picard. “I wanted to belong here, but it never felt like home,” said Picard. Read more for the video and additional information.

Patrick Stewart was also present during the panel and the riled up the crowd. “We never know do we, when our best moment will be? And that is now,” said Stewart.

“It’s entirely different. It all started with Patrick. We had several conversations with him and he challenged us beautifully. It forced us to think outside the box about what is it about Jean-Luc Picard and why people love him so much. Picard is questioning many of the choices he made, but he’s also certain about many of the choices he made,” said executive producer Alex Kurtzman.