Darth Vader Gummy

Photo credit: Crummy Gummy

When are gummy bears not just a candy treat you enjoy occasionally? When you take 1,000 of them and create a life-sized Darth Vader Helmet. That’s exactly what “Crummy Gummy” did, and the result is worthy of a museum to say the least. It was showcased this past December at the Wyn317 gallery in Miami, Florida. It took approximately two months to create, “with the last week of that growing delirious with the smell of gummies and drinking a ridiculousness amount of RedBull,” according to Crummy. Continue reading for another picture and more information.

Darth Vader Gummy Bear Helmet

The artist coats his creations in polyurethane to protect them and ensure that they last while they go on display in galleries across America. Crummy says: “I’m a huge Star Wars fan and when the new movie was announced I wanted to create something Star Wars-related.”

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