Super Bernie World
Indie studio Kitsune Games has released Super Bernie World, a Super Mario World knockoff available for download on Steam, or you can play it straight from an internet browser. It took founder Emma Maassen over two weeks to build 12 levels, which represent 11 states and Washington, D.C. The enemies are modeled after Trump’s Make America Great Again hats and pictured as conservatives as well as wealthy capitalist suits. Read more for two gameplay videos and additional information.

This game also has short “cutscenes” that reiterate Sanders’s stance on several issues, including Medicare-for-all, while the title screen offers players several options to volunteer for the campaign. Check it out here.

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We saw a video from the Los Angeles [Democratic Socialists of America], which was a pix art, gamelike video for Bernie Sanders, and we realized that’s something we are uniquely positioned to do. We already do texting and phone banking. But we can also make a video game and humanize him and put a call to action on it,” said Kitsune Games founder and president Emma Maassen.

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