Super Earth Barnard's Star

Astronomers have evidence of an icy Super Earth, named “Barnard’s Star b”, that is about 3.2 times more massive than our planet, orbiting Barnard’s Star, a dim red dwarf that lies a mere 6 light-years away from the sun. Barnard’s Star is actually our sun’s nearest neighbor, next to the Alpha Centauri system, which is approximately 4.3 light-years away. Since it’s twice as old as Earth’s sun, one-sixth as massive and just three-perecent luminous, its “habitable zone” lies extremely close-in, or 0.06 AU to 0.10 AU from the star to be exact. Scientists believe the planet is extremely cold with temperatures around -150° C and its core could be made of hot iron or nickel, but due to enhanced geothermal activity, extraterrestrial life could flourish. Read more for more interesting images.

15. Colorized

A photo of the Normandy invasion

14. Blockbuster

Once upon a time you were able to rent consoles from Blockbuster

13. Fiery Sky

Beautiful winter evening with a cozy cabin in the woods, Scandinavia.

12. Recycled Sculpture

I repair my old van's brakes, and buddy recycles the rotor, to make this… what do you think?

11. Strike

Tree burning from the inside after being struck by lightning

10. Ultraviolet

The sun through a UV lens

9. Just a Replica

HGC T Virus replicas and TM albert 01P model

8. If You Love Movies

50 Films Coming in 2019

7. Geeky

Super Smash Bros. Illustrations

6. A Real Place

Elephant Rock, an island outside of Iceland

5. Behind the Mask

Tmnt 1990

4. Brick-ified

Famous Paintings in Lego

3. Fascinating

Abandoned City Hall Station

2. Wonders of the World

Amazing Worldwide Wonders Recently Discovered

1. Historical

Historical Photos Dump

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