Super Mario 64 Bowser No Joystick

An extremely skilled Super Mario 64 player show goes by “pannenkoek2012” online recently uploaded a host of YouTube videos that show him beating challenging levels, like Bowser in the Dark World, without moving forward. For those wondering, yes this is a tool-assisted run, but even so, lots of thought went into the planning. This means that sometimes Mario needs to get hit by enemies to be in the right place. Read more for another video of the same player collecting the 100th coin in Super Mario 64 without using the joystick.

“Getting through the level is impressive, but then pannenkoek2012 actually defeats Bowser without the joystick. You might think: Wait a minute. Don’t you need to use the joystick to launch Bowser into the air? Well, no. pannenkoek2012 makes sure to grab Bowser right near the platform explosives, which take care of him without needing to use the joystick. Incredible,” said The Verge.

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