Super Mario Bros. Inside Super Mario 64

Gamer / modder Kaze Emanuar has managed to recreate the original Super Mario Bros. game from the classic NES console inside Super Mario 64, complete with more than 30 re-imagined levels that lets you play as Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi. Each one of these characters having different abilities, and for added authenticity, the power ups and skills have also been faithfully recreated. Read more to see a video of World 1-1 and additional information.

In this game, Luigi jumps higher than Mario, while Wario should stay grounded, and Waluigi is the easiest character to use, obviously overpowered. This isn’t Kaze Emanuar’s first foray into Super Mario Bros. modding, as he also created a first-person, virtual reality version, and one that features the popular Bowsette.

“You can grab the download for the mod in the description of the video. It’s also worth noting that the creator, in a comment below the video, says that playing the game as Wario makes it feel ‘unfair,'” reports Kotaku.