IKEA Imma Virtual Model Social Influencer
Photo credit: Immagram
Computer-generated imagery has come a long way, so much so that it can now be used to create virtual models and social influencers, like Imma. She’s actually Japan’s first virtual model and has roughly 254,000 followers. IKEA Harajuku in Tokyo partnered with her for an installation over 3-days. She lived in the windows of this store where she redesigned a living room and bedroom. This “Happiness at Home” project was made possible using LED screens placed inside of the physical rooms. Read more for a video and additional information.

The LED panels’ color temperature was adjusted in real-time to seamlessly blend the virtual and real worlds. All of the screens were equipped with light meters to track the outside weather so they would adapt to sunrise / sunset and weather.

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We’ve been working on the launch of our new Harajuku shop for a long time and had to change things up a little due to COVID-19, but the purpose remains the same. we want to inspire and help the youth of Tokyo to find their own happiness at home. with the pandemic still top-of-mind, this need has become more relevant than ever. By partnering with Imma, we can share a new vision of the home with a demographic that IKEA has never spoken to before,” said Anna Ohlin, IKEA Japan.

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