Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Open London Bus
From afar, some may confuse the Tesla Model Y for a Model X, but once the latter’s falcon-wing doors swing open, it’s an entirely different story. They utilize a wide-band radar system to help prevent them from hitting nearby objects when opening or closing. However, this Model X driver in London either didn’t realize that one of their falcon-wing doors was still open or simply distracted when pulling out of the parking spot. Read more to see the aftermath.

The Tesla Model X’s double-hinged falcon wing doors open upwards that enable the leading edge to remain tucked close to the body, unlike traditional gull-wing doors. In normal use, these doors provide easier access to the vehicle by having them raise up vertically instead of swinging out hinged at the front. Fortunately, this accident appeared to have just damaged the bus and that one door, without any pedestrians nearby. How much will this cost to repair? Well, considering just the windshield alone on the Model X costs $2,300 USD for a replacement, we can imagine this being many times more expensive.

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