Ford F-150 Truck Camper Fail
Photo credit: Car Scoops
Many know that the proper way to install a camper is to first lower the back of it first, then the front, working in increments of a few inches at a time until the camper is resting on the truck. Next, you secure the camper to your truck’s tie-downs with turnbuckles. Then you attach the turnbuckles to both the anchors on the camper and the tie-downs on your truck before tightening them. This person apparently did not read the instructions. Read more for another picture.

Ford F-150 Truck Camper Fail
This disaster install even managed to bend the truck’s bed as well as its frame, but let’s just hope that law enforcement managed to flat this vehicle down before the camper slid off into the road while driving. Let this be a lesson that turnbuckles, which are usually tightened to about 300 ft-lbs., are very important, as too much tension can damage tie-downs or rip out anchors on the camper, which can be expensive to fix.

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