Distracted Boyfriend LEGO

Photo credit: Dylan Maithonis / Antonio Guillem
For those who have no idea what the “Distracted Boyfriend meme, also known as “Man Looking at Other Woman”, is about, it’s basically a stock photo series in which a man looks at the back of a woman walking by while his significant other looks on disapprovingly. Northern California-based Photographer Dylan Maithonis decided to recreate this scene using nothing but LEGO bricks. Read more to see the entire LEGO setup, which consists of three minifigs and lots of makeshift props.

Famous Artworks Modern Photos

Photo credit: Hayatini Nevreni

Yes, just about everyone who has been on the internet the past year has seen the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, but visual designer Hayati from Cyprus decided to put a modern twist on it with characters from famous artworks. To be more specific, the boyfriend has been replaced by none other than Vincent van Gogh, and the girlfriend with Girl with a Pearl Earring. “I’m inspired by people I see in everyday life. The fun begins when I mix them together with the best classics,” said Hayati. Continue reading for more pictures.

Beer Helmet Photography

Photo credit: Twitter via Bored Panda

Beer helmets are nothing new, but have you ever seen it used as a photography tool? Well, now you have, thanks to Japanese photographer Nishihiro. How does it work? Instead of beverages, Nishihiro puts flashes into the holders, and then circular diffusers in front of those to create a soft light look. However, when both flashes aren’t required, he uses it for a drink instead. Get one here now. Continue reading for more pictures and reactions.

LEGO Batman Halloween

Photo credit: Justin Timberlake via Bored Panda

Let’s face it, many celebrities can be recognized in public even with disguises on, that is unless…they’re in full costume on Halloween. This year, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake took their 3-year-old son, Silas Randall Timberlake, trick-or-treating, or “fighting crime in these streets,” in New York City wearing life-sized LEGO Batman costumes. Continue reading for more.

Outside the Frame Album Covers

Photo credit: Igor Lipchanskiy via Bored Panda

Have you ever wondered what lies outside the album cover frames? If so, Photoshop guru Igor Lipchanskiy is an expert at showing you just that, starting the The Offspring’s “Splinter” (2003) and Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” (1979) covers. “Half a year ago I published a post about how I place myself into near-cult covers of musical albums. Since then, I have created new images and I want to share them with you,” said Igor. Continue reading for more.

Old Instagram

Photo credit: TomLeFrench

Ever wonder how Instagram would have worked back in the 1980s? Well, it probably would have been a camera of sorts, either instant or disposable. Artist “TomLeFrench” has come up with a series that shows many popular things from today, including Google, Spotify, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more, as gadgets from the 1980s. Continue reading for more – plus a bonus video of Spotify in the 80s.

NASA Pumpkin Carving

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California employs hundreds of engineers, and when they’re not working around this time, they’re busing carving pumpkins. That’s right, each year they compete in an ‘unofficial’ pumpkin carving contest to showcase their creativity “I don’t think, even at the time, they appreciated just how seriously our engineers were going to take it,” said NASA mechanical engineer Mike Meacham. Continue reading for more.


IKEA may be known for its build-it-yourself furniture, but did you know they offer a wide variety of other products too, including plush toys? One of their most famous characters is BLAHAJ, a plush toy shark, who has become a big social media star. “Big and safe to have at your side if you want to discover the world underneath the sea. The blue shark can swim very far, dive really deep and hear your heart beating from far away,” according to the product description. Continue reading for more pictures.

Monster House

Photo credit: Christine McConnell via Bored Panda

Halloween is next week, and what better way to kick off the celebrations than by showcasing some of the geekiest decorations that internet users have spotted for 2018? Starting off, we have the “Monster House” by Christine McConell. During the day, it looks like normal decals, but when it gets dark out, the entire house lights up. Continue reading for more.

SpotMini Robot Dancing

Boston Dynamics has just released a new video of its SpotMini robot dog, and not only can it perform basic tasks around the house, but also groove to your favorite tunes, like “Uptown Funk”. For those who haven’t seen this robotic wonder, it’s all-electricm weighs 66-pounds, and can run for 90-minutes straight on a single charge. The robot’s 17 joints and slightly creepy arm with five degrees of freedom enable it to move smoothly. Continue reading for another video and more information.