Fidget Smartwatch
Fidget spinners are basically toys that consist of a ball bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with little effort, and the fad started in 2017, although similar devices had been around as early as 1993. They reportedly help those who fidget to relieve nervous energy, anxiety, or psychological stress. The Fidget Smartwatch by Yunna Hwang is the evolution of these small handheld devices. It has notches on the face’s opposing sides that give you the ability to rotate them, thus making the design perfect for fidgeters. Read more for an animation, additional pictures and information.

Apple Watch Series 3 Deal Black Friday

The Apple Watch Series 3 is perfect for those who do not need the latest in hardware, but still want a smartwatch, and it’s being offered for just $229 shipped, Black Friday deals week only, originally $309. Featuring a dual-core Apple S3 processor that is 70% faster than its predecessor and enables Siri voice responses, with 18-hours of battery life to boot. It also boasts a built-in NFC chip which can be used for Apple Pay. Product page. Read More for a video showing fifteen different Apple Watch Series 3 tips and tricks.

Casio G-Shock Transformers Optimus Prime Watch

Casio teamed up with toymaker Takara Tomy to create a special edition Transformers G-Shock watch to celebrate the 35th anniversary of G-Shock, and the 35th anniversary of the Transformers, in 2019. Available in two different models, the DW-6900TF-SET, which includes a transforming Optimus Prime figure, and G-Shock DW-6900TF-4. If you pick up the former, the chest area of Optimus can be used to house the watch. One more cool feature is that the Autobot emblem magically appears when the EL backlight is activated. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Pod Case Apple Watch iPod

There’s Apple Watch stands, and then the Pod Case by Joyce Kang and the C.O Design Lab. Simply slide the Apple Watch Series 4 body into the silicone case and you have a miniature iPod of sorts. Unfortunately, the job wheel is just for aesthetics and doesn’t actually function, though we could see the designers integrating one that actually works via Bluetooth some time down the line, if this concept actually make it into production. Read more for additional images.

Apple Watch Spotify

Photo credit: The Verge

Spotify is currently beta testing its Apple Watch app, and The Verge’s Tom Warren was able to get some hands-on time with it ahead of its official release. Currently, it only includes basic functions, and unfortunately, there’s no offline support for playing songs away from your iPhone, nor can you stream songs to an Apple Watch over LTE. Simply put, the current iteration is basically a Spotify Connect controller to let you change music on any device playing Spotify content and linked to your account. Continue reading for a short video and more information.

Spotify Apple Watch App

Finally, after 1.5-years of waiting, Spotify has revealed that it plans on releasing an official Apple Watch app, and is currently beta testing a version of the iOS client. For now, users are able to control playback from your phone, but an offline playlist function could be in the works, so you can workout smartphone free. Continue reading for hands-on pictures and more information.

NASA X Anicorn 60th Anniversary Watch

NASA and Anicorn have partnered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the space agency by releasing a limited edition watch. There will only be 60-units made, and each one features a unique metal plate, a Cerakote ceramic coating, and a NASA logo embroidered white textile strap. Other features include: a metal warranty plate and the GPS coordinates of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Unfortunately, you won’t get a piece of moon dust nor any other space goodies. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Karlsson Wrist Drone

Photo credit: PEARL Creative

Designed by Germany-based studio PEARL Creative, the KARLSSON Smart Companion is basically a wearable drone that is worn just like a watch. When not in use, it functions similar to a smart watch, allowing users to track sports activities, but at the push of a button, the face transforms into a miniature drone that can be deployed in seconds. “KARLSSON consists of two elements. The basis is a minimalistic wrist strap that primarily serves as the ‘landing platform’ for a flight-capable smart unit. In autonomous flight mode, KARLSSON expands the possibilities of a conventional smartwatch with a multitude of new functions,” said the studio. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Apple Watch Series 4

Photo credit: Engadget

Available for pre-order this Friday (Sep. 14), the Apple Watch Series 4 will be offered in 40mm and 44mm models with larger displays (35 percent and 32 percent). Other new features include: a haptic feedback-equipped Digital Crown, a 50 percent louder speaker with a microphone position optimized for call clarity and a 64-bit, dual-core S4 chip that is twice as fast. The two models will ship on September 21st, priced at $399 (GPS) and $499 (LTE). Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

Apple Watch Round

The Apple Watch’s design has remained relatively unchanged since it was first released back in April 2015, but now, the new model, set to be revealed on September 12, will at least look slightly different. However, some fans are still waiting for a round face, and DBS Designing gives us a first glimpse at what the user interface for such a device could look like. Continue reading for another video and more information.