Tardigrade Moon Earth Israel

There could be life on the Moon, but not as you know it. Eight-legged segmented tardigrades may have survived a crash landing on the lunar surface by Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft back in April. Forget cockroaches, these micro-animals are among the most resilient known, with individual species able to survive near fatal conditions for all other known life forms, such as exposure to extreme temperatures / pressures, air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and even starvation. Even more importantly, tardigrades have even survived after exposure to outer space. Read more for another video and additional information.

Nova Spivack, founder of the Arch Mission Foundation, said that based on their analysis of the spacecraft’s trajectory and the composition of the device the micro-animals were stored in, they believe the chances of survival for the tardigrades…are extremely high. More specifically, they were stored inside a “Lunar Library,” a nanotechnology device that looks like a DVD and contains 30-million-page archive of human history viewable under microscopes, along with human DNA.