Tesla Model 3 Auto Brake Motorcycle Crash
Yes, Tesla vehicles have an automated emergency braking (AEB) system, and normally it’s activated when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected. In this case, a Tesla Model 3 automatically braked when a police officer on a motorcycle crossed red light and turned left into oncoming traffic as he was presumably chasing someone with his sirens off. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Tesla Autopilot can detect a potential front or side collision with another vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian within a distance of 525 feet. The automatic emergency braking system detects objects that may hit the car and applies the brakes, or it may also automatically swerve out of the way to prevent fast moving collisions.

“Happened this morning; I was rolling about my way when the light turns green, and out of nowhere a cop without their audio on for their sirens runs a red light. If not for Tesla’s emergency stop safety features this would not have been a good day. Thank you #Tesla and #ElonMusk for making the #Model3 the safest car ever or I might’ve scarred myself for life with a horrible accident,” said the driver.