iPhone M&M Candy Sorter

Even though M&M’s all have the same chocolate center, some people just prefer certain colors over others. The DIY sorter claims to be faster that most sorters, which uses the iPhone 5S camera, instead of the traditional way of registering a sweets’ color using a sensor before dropping them into rotating containers. Simply put, once the camera recognizes the M&M’s color, a Bluetooth module attached to an Arduino-powered motor fires off the correct electromagnet gate to do the physical sorting. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Its creator, Reviewmylife on YouTube, said: “I also want to try to change the M&M sorting gates so instead of being in a line they are arranged in a circle – like a flower. This would allow the height of the machine to be reduced, and also mean that the time between the M&M starting to fall and the gate firing would be constant. This should make it easier to increase the speed.”