Gas Monkey F40

The original Ferrari F40, painted red, was involved in a crash back in 2011 and was beyond repair in its original state due to extensive frame damage, but fortunately, it was picked up by Gas Monkey Garage for $400,000. Andy Kaufman and Richard Rawlings who had to disassemble the vehicle all the way down to its bare chassis. The final goal was to make the rebuilt supercar “better, straighter, lighter and faster” than the factory version. Continue reading for two more videos, including one of it revving. Click here to view more pictures.

“Some of the modifications include a Tubi exhaust system, rebuilt turbochargers, an aluminum flywheel and Kevlar clutch pack, HRE three-piece wheels and custom Penske Racing adjustable shocks. Peak output from the twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V-8 is said to be around 550 horsepower, which is up considerably on the F40’s 471-horsepower factory rating,” according to Motor Authority.

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