Jet-Powered BMW

Believe it or not, Igor Negoda from Russia managed to cram a TS-21 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of a MIG-23 fighter jet into a BMW E30 3 Series, transforming it into a flame-spitting monster, literally. The TS-21 turbine is used to start the MIG-23’s main engine, but in the 3 Series, there’s enough propulsion to get it moving when paired with the original transmission. Continue reading for another build video and more information.

“It doesn’t really qualify as powerful with its 60 horsepower, but it delivers plenty of torque – 295 lb-ft on the output shaft. It also produces a lot of smoke, not to mention the noise. The whine of the turbine turns a quiet neighborhood into a military air base at the flick of a switch. Now, you might wonder how does one get hold of a TS-21 turbine in Russia. The answer might surprise you: Igor got it for free from one of his YouTube subscribers,” according to Car Scoops.