Elephant Rock Island

This isn’t a giant fossilized elephant, but rather one of the most unique rock formations you’ll ever see. It’s located on the island of Heimaey in Iceland, and there are two parts to this illusion: an elephant’s “wrinkles” are mimicked by basalt rock, a type of material that results from the rapid cooling of thick lava, and then natural indentations that appear to form an eye, a floppy ear, as well as its trunk. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

“Apropos of nothing, here’s a few photos of a natural rock formation off the coast of Iceland that looks like an imposing elephant with its trunk dipped in the Atlantic. Located on the island of Heimaey, the mountainous shape appears to be formed mostly from basalt rock that has the uncanny appearance of wrinkled elephant skin,” according to Colossal.