Thor Two V12 Engine Semi
Mike Harrah Harrah, a movie stuntman by trade and drag racer by night stumbled upon pair of V12 diesel engine from a 300-foot yacht recently. What happened next? He created Thor, a Pterbilt 359 Crew Cab semi-style tractor truck powered by those two 852 cubic-inch V12 engines, but with 12 superchargers and even a jet engine from a Hawker 800 business aircraft behind the cabin just to power the truck’s electronics. Read more for a video and additional information.

The engines were all arranged in a row and generating a combined 3,974 hp, thus making it the most powerful big rig ever built. What’s even more surprising is that this big rig is still street-legal. It will be headed to auction on November 23 at the Worldwide’s collector car auction at the Global Auto Salon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The vehicle will be showcased via a live video stream and the winning bidder will be invited to take delivery of the truck at Jay Leno’s garage in Burbank, California.