Tokyo Cafe Anime Maid Robot
You’ve seen University of Tokyo’s self-driving gazing car, now check out the MasiRo Project, a cafe that employs three anime-inspired maid robots to serve customers. Located near Akihabara, there are three robots – Mashiro, Chiro, and Chiya – designed to entertain and serve patrons at the coffee shop. Visitors enter by scanning a QR code before Mashiro guides you to your table.

After being seated, you write your order on a special card and then ring a bell, which is linked to the maid robot system via a sensor. Mashiro then delivers that card to the kitchen and when it’s ready, everything promptly gets delivered on a tray. On the technical side, these robots do not have legs, but rather wheels, while LiDAR sensors map the room and work with cameras to ensure that no accidents occur.

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What makes it different from serving robots is that it looks into the eyes of customers, bends its knees and bows politely. Of course, you can experience a very comfortable feeling,” according to Robot Start.

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