Most bookshelves aren’t something that would make you go “wow”, but these cool examples just might. Starting off, we have a tree-inspired bookshelf that both kids and adults would probably enjoy using. Continue reading to see more.

5. Will Be Read

How many times have you started a book, left it somewhere, and then forgot all about it? If you’re an avid book fan, then probably more times than you’d like. This cool bookshelf lets you place the “Has Been Read” and “Will Be Read” books on separate levels to prevent things from getting mixed up.

4. Balancing Bookshelf

Designed by Alejandro Gomez, the “Equilibrium” bookshelf may seem like it’s on the brink of toppling over, but that’s just an optical illusion. In reality, this cool-looking piece of furniture can hold up to 120-pounds of your favorite books, magazines, etc.

3. Wall Burster

You know how the chestbursters in the Alien movies? Well, if the scene were to recreated with furniture, this is probably what the ensuing room would look like. However, the main focal point in this room is the awesome bookshelf, which even lights up at night.

2. Invisible Bookshelf

At first glance, it may really appear as if the books are magically levitating, but it’s really just a clever bookshelf that makes use of a special metal plate that can be bolted to just about any wall. Simply super glue the bottom cover of a book you’re planning to throw out, and it’s ready to go.

1. Read Your Book Case

What could be cooler than a bookcase that spells out “Read Your Book Case”? When empty, it provides you with a handy reminder to fill it up with reading materials, but you can also switch the configuration around to whatever works best, thanks to its modular design.

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