Exercising could mean running around your neighborhood, push-ups in the garage, or even walking in place. These five gadgets aim to make all those tasks much harder and more embarrassing than they should be, starting with the JumpSnap, a virtual jump rope. Continue reading to see more.

5. Shake Weight

The company claims that the Shake Weight tones the upper biceps, triceps and shoulders with vibration plate technology – “machines that vibrate to make the muscles relax and contract several times a second – thought to enhance the impact of exercise”.” However, after viewing the infomercial above, we’ll let you decide if this is something you’d want to use…ever.

4. Hawaii Chair

Anyone whose goal is to get absolutely nothing done at work, the Hawaii Chair should do the trick. In addition to setting you back over $400 ($457.65 to be exact), this exercise gadget purportedly “stimulates body awareness and massages inner organs.”

3. Red XL Exerciser

For those who are on the brink of purchasing a “Red Exerciser”, we highly recommend you purchase a spinnable office chair instead. According to the company, “once you’re seated, you simply use the power of core rotation and resistance to tone your abdominal and oblique muscles.”

2. JumpSnap

If you’re a glutton for stupid gadgets, the JumpSnap might just be what you’re looking for. Rather than twirl your thumbs around and jumping simultaneously, the JumpSnap supposedly simulates the motion of actually jumping rope, complete with a voice that counts out the number of calories supposedly burned.

1. Free Flexor

No, this isn’t some gag, or a dirty joke. The Free Flexor – from the makers of the Shake Weight – is a real exercise product that’s still currently being offered online. Though we can imagine some people buying it purely to give as a gag gift.