If you thought getting coal for Christmas was bad, try the tadpole sleeping bag above. Simply crawl in and you’re ready to walk around looking like an amphibian. That is just one of the many strange gadgets and accessories of 2012 that we’ve rounded up for you today. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Onesie

Similar to the tadpole sleeping bag, this is one clothing accessory we definitely don’t recommend picking up. That is unless…you aim to scare the bejeebers out of someone sitting in a dark room.

4. Tent Jacket

At first glance, this may just appear to be a tent and then someone wearing a rain coat, but in reality, it’s actually a tent that doubles as a rain coat. The only problem with this is that after a rainy night, the last thing you’d want is to wear the tent.

3. Breast iPhone Case

There’s nothing wrong with breasts, but this iPhone case is just plain strange. I mean, unless you’re wearing something with very large pockets, this case definitely won’t be able to fit. On the bright side, it works great as an iPhone stand.

2. Bear Sleeping Bag

This “Bear Sleeping Bag” is definitely both strange and cool at the same time. It’s designed to look like a giant bear has swallowed you whole, complete with razor sharp teeth.

1. Privacy Hoodie

Ok, if you’re using the privacy hoodie in public people will just automatically assume that you’re either doing something illegal or just downright nasty. Or, it could be used to just freak people out.