Tranquilizer Dart Slow Motion
We know that a tranquilizer gun is basically a non-lethal air gun often used for incapacitating targets with darts that sport a hypodermic needle tip boasting a solution that is either sedative, comatosing or paralytic. Once injected, it temporarily impairs the target’s physical function to a level that allows it to be approached and handled in an unresisting and thus safe manner. Read more to see how these darts work in super slow motion.

The Slow Mo Guys ― Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy ― photographed the process in stunning 3,000 fps slow motion. The dart, typically a .50 caliber, is essentially a ballistic syringe loaded with an immobilizing drug and hypodermic needle and is propelled from the gun by means of compressed gas. The dart is stabilized by a tailpiece during flight, while the needle itself may be plain or collared to assure that the full dose is administered.

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