Statue of Liberty UFO

Another day, another purported UFO sighting. This time, an unidentified craft (possibly a balloon of some sort) was spotted hovering above the Statue of Liberty in New York. Scott Kensington posted on a video on YouTube showing a black orb making its way slowly across the screen from right to left before then appearing to remain stationary in the air. The Examiner says, “So far, this UFO sighting seems to be the first incident catching a pulsating black orb UFO on video.” Continue reading to watch the footage and decide for yourself.

“While the prospect of this being an alien spaceship is alluring, the real answer is almost certainly that it is actually a solar balloon. A solar balloon is a black or dark object that gains buoyancy by being heated by the sun’s radiation. Heat inside the balloon expands as it is heated, causing it to rise as it has a lower density than the surrounding air,” according to The Daily Mail.


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