Upside Down Backwards GMC Van
Photo credit: The Upside Down Van
It’s not everyday that you see a normal 1985 GMC Rally van on the road, much less one that appears to be driving upside-down and backward, that is unless…you’re talking about this one. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, the body of the van was flipped horizontally and vertically over a base with a hidden set of wheels, so it appears to be sliding down the street on its roof, complete with spinning tires on top. Read more for two videos and additional information.

On the inside, the van features a driver’s seat as well as a passenger seat, which both look out the van’s back window, which doubles as the windshield. Despite its strange appearance, the main issue is its limited visibility from the driver’s seat, making it impractical for everyday driving. However, this upside-down van does show up to special events, like cruises and parades, quite often.

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Their jaws usually hit the ground…90 percent of the people who see the van immediately pull out their smartphones to take a photo of it. I was pulled over last year by the cops, but he just wanted to get a better look at it,” said its owner.