Transporter Fail

You’ve probably seen those “maximum height” signs on bridges before, but these images show what happens when you choose to ignore them while driving an oversize vehicle transporter. This driver attempted to take a shortcut to avoid the traffic when he collided with a 14.5ft (4.4m) high bridge. Eyewitnesses say they heard ‘crunch’ as the top tier of five brand new Ford Focus cars straight from the factory. Continue reading to see more of the destruction that ensued.

Car Transporter FAIL

A motorist who witnessed the incident says it was “like watching it in slow motion.” He adds: “It’s a long road and it was pretty obvious the transporter was too high for the bridge but it kept going and suddenly there was a crunch and all these new cars got wrecked. The driver wasn’t hurt but he looked as white as a sheet, he was no doubt trying to think of how he was going to explain it to his bosses at Ford. It had to be Friday 13th when the accident happened. If you want take a chance on a short-cut that is not the day to try your luck.”



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