File this under: unusual vending machines. French fry fans rejoice! Select stores in Belgium now boast the world’s first coin operated vending machine that cranks out fresh frites. Unlike similar machines, this one actually deep fries them fresh in beef fat, rather than use re-heated frozen fries. Simply put in €2.50 ($3.36) into the machine and in just 90-seconds, you’ll have piping hot Belgium “frites served in a paper cup, accompanied by a fork and topped with your choice of mayonnaise or ketchup.” Continue reading for more pictures and information.

We just have one minor hang-up: the triple filter system inside the machine was designed to cut the sweet smell of potatoes frying. C’mon now, guys, where’s the fun in that?

First we had the Champagne Vending Machine in Berlin. Then we saw a Beer Vending Machine in Bulgaria. I’m beginning to think that Europe is trying to get weird vending machines to be a thing.

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