No, you’re not looking at an F1 car chassis, but rather one that has been made entirely from Western Digital hard drives – minus the tires. That’s right, “the wheel hubs are made from 10,000rpm drive motors in the front and 7200rpm 4D motors in the rear. They’ve been milled down in a CNC so they would actually spin.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

A cluster of server-friendly WD Red hard drives were sacrificed to build the side panels of the car, and the actuators (the arms that read the platters) went to form the front wing of the car.

The rear wing is made from a combination of WD Velociraptor and Scorpio actuators.

There’s a small stack of disk motors in the middle of the car to represent a driver’s head, and immediately behind that is the replica V12 engine.

This component was painstakingly assembled from 12 Western Digital Scorpio notebook hard drives.



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