Airbus H160 Helicopter

Airbus may not be known for their helicopters, but the H160 is about to change that. Not only does it use up to 20 percent less fuel than the current generation of similar-sized helicopters, it’s powered by two new fuel-efficient Turbomeca Arrano turboshaft engines, and can carry up to 12 passengers at a cruising speed of about 185 mph for distances beyond 500 miles. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Other features include an all-new biplane stabilizer that makes it easier for the pilot to maneuver during low-speed flight and while hovering, and Blue Edge main rotor blades that reduce exterior noise by 50 percent. The H160 is the first aircraft to be branded as an Airbus Helicopter, as the company leaves behind the Eurocopter brand to better reflect its global scope,” reports Robb Report.