Woman Venomous Octopus Photo Contest
Photo credit: KIRO 7
Jamie Bisceglia from Tacoma, Washington gathered with some fishermen who had caught an octopus during a fishing derby in the Tacoma Narrows and instantly saw an opportunity for a unique picture. There was a photo contest being held in the derby, and so she placed the octopus on her face and posed, before it unexpectedly bit her on the face. Read more for the video news report and additional information.

This was basically a young version of a giant Pacific octopus, or possibly a Pacific red octopus, according to a spokeswoman at the Point Defiance Aquarium. Both of these species have a powerful beak used to break and eat crabs, clams as well as mussels, and their bite contains a poisonous venom to immobilize their prey. Fortunately, it wasn’t too serious, as she kept fishing for two more days before finally going to the emergency room.