Working iPhone 6

After months of leaked parts and assembled dummies, a fully-functional iPhone 6 running iOS 8 has surfaced. Yes, there is noticeable space for an extra row of icons on your home screen. Venture Beat reports, “…the photos also show off a revamped icon for Apple’s Passbook app, which adds a new line and a tiny image of a coffee cup. That buoys rumors that Apple will be making a big mobile payments play with the iPhone 6, likely with NFC integration.” Continue reading for more videos.

That’s not all, “As for iWatch news, it looks like Apple already has developers working on smartwatch apps, 9to5Mac reports. That’s not too surprising, as any new piece of hardware is only as good as the software ecosystem around it. Apple has also invited several top fashion media members to the event, some for the first time ever, Reuters reports.”