World's Largest Polaroid

Photo credit: Analog Things
The Polaroid 20×24 camera is exactly as it sounds…a very large instant camera with film plates that measure 20 by 24 inches (51 cm × 61 cm), although at least one example takes pictures that are 23 by 36 inches. They aren’t for sale, but can be hired for use from various Polaroid agents around the world. Well known photographers such as Elsa Dorfman and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, have used this heavy wheeled-chassis camera for at least one of their shoots. Photographer Marco Christian Krenn of Analog Things decided to drop by Supersense in Vienna to show just how this rare camera works. Read more for a video of another large Polaroid camera.

“We get to see the chemistry pods and finely-tuned rollers in the processor, which, unlike mainstream Polaroid cameras, is separate from the camera itself. After setting up some studio lighting, Krenn shoots a portrait using the camera and processes it by rolling the positive and negative papers and chemistry pods through the processor. Peeling the papers apart, and voila! The photo emerges,” according to Peta Pixel.


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