Largest Video Game Collection

If you thought your video game hoard was massive, then it may be time to check out Joel Hopkin’s record-breaking collection. Also known as “The Last Gamer,” he currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection in the world with more than 18,000 games. Unlike other collectors, he had his house custom-built to accommodate all of the games that he has acquired over the years, organized by genre, company, gaming era, etc. Guests can enjoy the games on various LCDs and CRTs placed around the house hooked up to numerous consoles. Continue reading for more fascinating collections from around the world.

10. Different Versions of the Sjobjornen Painting

Sjobjornen Painting

9. Beer Cans

Beer Can Collection

8. The 1973 Versions of These J.R.R. Tolkien Books

JRR Tolkien Books

7. Food-Shaped Erasers

Food Shaped Erasers

6. Smurfs Toys

Smurfs Toys Collection

5. Beach Sand

Beach Sand Collection

4. Stone and Mineral Eggs

Stone Mineral Eggs

3. Diecast Cars with People

Diecast Cars People

2. Bottles Made in the 19th Century and Early 20th Century

19th Century Bottles

1. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Collection



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